Common Pre-Screening Questions and Explanations

When are you looking to move?
We will only show the apartment to people who can commit to moving on or very
close to the date the apartment is available.

What is the total income of all tenants who will be renting this apartment?
We require that our tenants spend no more than 1/2 of their total income on the
cost of their rent.

Can you afford to write a check for 1st months rent plus deposit?
We require first month's rent plus one month's rent as a deposit before you can
move in.

How long have you been renting at your previous residence? How long do you
plan to stay at this apartment?
All of our apartments are year-to-year leases.

How long have you been at your present job?
We like to know how long you've been employed, as it affects your ability to pay
rent in a consistent and timely manner.

Do you smoke?
All of our apartments are smoke-free.  You need to be aware up front that their is
absolutely no smoking in any of our buildings.

Do you have any pets who will be living in the apartment?
We handle pets on a case by case basis.