Common Questions

We treat all our tenants needs in a timely, professional, and straightforward
manner.  In return, we expect our tenants to treat their apartment  with the same
care and respect they'd treat their own home.

Some common questions we get from perspective tenants...

What are some common requirements for potential tenants?
Before you view an apartment, a leasing agent may ask you some or all of the
following questions before they set an appointment to view the apartment:
common pre-screening questions.

How much is the required deposit?
We require one month's rent as a deposit.

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the 1st of the month WITHOUT exception.  Rent not that has not
been RECEIVED (in our hands) by the 5th is considered late.  The late fee
structure is outline in your lease. Rent payment received on the 6th will be
charged an additional $25.  Each day after the 6th is an additional $10/day every
day thereafter.

Please mail rent checks to:
1288 W. Genesee St Suite 2
Syracuse, NY 1320

Who do I contact if I have a question about my rent?
You can contact our Accounts Manager Nathan by email with any questions.

Is there any off street parking?
Please check the apartments web page for what parking is included in with a
specific apartment.

Are utilities included in the rent?
All utilities are the responsibility of the tenant.  Water is kept in the landlord's
name and is prorated based on the number of bedrooms in your apartment.  For
example, the average water bill might be $80/quarter for a 6 bedroom duplex.  If
each apartment has 3 bedrooms, then they'll both pay $40 towards the water bill.

Where is the storage?
We make locked storage available to tenant's in the attic of their building.  They
can store anything they won't need on a regular basis there and access it by
giving the on-call property manager reasonable notice. Additionally, each
building has additional unsecured storage in the attic

Can I have extra roommates?
We consider "extra" roommates to be more tenants than the number of
bedrooms in the apartment.  We realize that sometimes tenants may want to
share a bedroom for various reasons and we're willing to address these issues
on a case by case basis.  Anyone living in the apartment is required to fill out an
application and be included in the lease.

Will I get my deposit back at the end of the lease?
Before you move in, we'll go through a "Move-In Checklist" together
and make sure that everything is in good shape and working order.  Any issues
with the apartment and an inventory of what is in the apartment will be taken at
this time.  

Two weeks before you're ready to leave, we'll go through the "Move-Out
Checklist" with you and note anything that may have been broken or needs to be
tidied up before you leave.  If you're "Move-In Checklist" and "Move-Out Checklist"
match, then we'll give you back your deposit as soon as you vacate the
apartment.   If any issues arise with the "Move-Out Checklist" we'll work with you
to either fix the problems before you leave or come to a compromise on a
reasonable amount of money that will be withheld to correct the damage.